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re: Emerald Lodge Curfew - All pray to Zog


Emerald Lodge Curfew - All pray to Zog

Theodum was busy writing placards and hanging them all over his settlement. The armour smith seemed miffed when he nailed it next to his forge, the loom gave him a strange look when he hang one on his drying lines for finest twine - but he couldn't care less - he had to protect his own citizens.
The lands were overrun by monsters. All his plans to investigate the Emetald Spire where at naught if the monsters left the woods and overran his settlements. Why hadn't they build a barricade yet.
Not everyone seemed of his opinion - he had seen Baron, Zaar Frozen Blade and Thod leave town earlier and coming back - blood splattered, laughing. They just have bad examples to the upstanding citizens. It was deadly out there.
At least he could ask these three rascals for a mission. 

Two hours later he met up with Baron, Zaar and Thod in the cellar of The Spire's Retreat. They had a large wrapped bundle with them that still wriggled as if something living was inside.

'Unwrap it' commanded Theodum. Be friendly but keep it under control.

A goblin appeared, only slightly bruised - but his eyes darting around with evil intend.

'Tell me your name - I heard you are one of the local shamans'

'Hlep not tellin yu nything' - his eyes looked around desperate taking in his hopeless position.

'Okay Hlep listen up. I know you don't like us - but I need your help. Here is a large fresh bread, still warm, a smoked leg of a pig, some fireworks, a dwarven Steel dagger and 100 shiny new copper pieces. This is all your if you build us an altar to Zogmugot, your Lady Lastbreath. Tell me what you need and all is yours - don't work with us and my friends here will to what they did with all your friends - understood?'

Hlep looked up - confused - but understanding slowly - after all he was a shaman of his clan. A mischievous grin spread over his face.

Me Give chair, rat, string, bucket - Hlep need dagger now. Hlep not can make altar if Hlep not dagger.

Theodum looked puzzled - but he gave the others the sign to relieve the goblin and get everything he asked for.

It took Hlep an hour - and Theodum was puzzled by his work. He first disassembled the chair and carved out bits here and there - sharpening different parts in the process. But reassembled the chair looked like before.
He then placed the chair in front of one of the wine casks - tied the rat with a string on one leg and the other on the rafter so that it was dangling just above the wine cask - he then placed the bucket under the rat so the rat disappeared from sight.

'Hlep good altr made. Longleg neat watr. Beir do better. But Zog want worship lone - so Longleg take watr, put in bucket, do prayr sit in chair whil rat close drown. Zog hear your prayr if done well.'

Theodum looked at the whole contraption - this was all there was. Well - even if they wasted some good food on the goblin - it was worth a try.

He handed Hlep all the promised goods and told Baron, Zaar and Thod to leave him alone. He then went up to the Innkeep and asked for the daily supply of Emerald Spirit. Surely of beer worked better then Emerald Spirit must be superior.

On the edge of the wood a laughing Hlep disappeared in the woods - biting into the smoked leg of pig. 'Zog know everything. Stuped Longleg prayer heard before given.'

Inside the cellar Theodum poured the Emerald Spirit into the bucket and sat down.

Trap damage 3d6 + 4 ⇒ (6, 2, 4) + 4 = 16

It took two painful hours before Theodum was freed by the barkeep getting some wine. The rat had not only drowned by then - it seemed to have completely dissolved. Only a moth eaten piece of string dangled above the evil green looking liquid that started to seep out of the bucket.

The only thought Theodum had - it was worth it if Zog would answer his prayer. If not - he would go out himself and find Hlep and strangle him - even if this would be the last action he ever did.


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