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re: Playing on your own Part 4 - Crafter and Refiner


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Playstyle Crafter and Refiner

This is likely the play style that draws players who like to build something of their own in a persistent fantasy MMO to try out PFO. But PFO surely isn’t Minecraft.  
As a crafter you play on your own while at the same time have to rely on others. So let us figure out more how it can be fulfilling and hopefully you will be back.

Some important information to know:
I called the playstyle Crafter and Refiner as there are specific roles in the game and I mangled up this in my part 2.

You will craft while offline and as long as your queue is <24 hours you can add to it. So do fast items first and last add the 3 day tier 2 armor.

Meaningful play
You are here to craft, to build. Unfortunately this means that you are very much reliant on other players. You need:

Raw materials – without them you can’t do anything

Recipes – you can only progress if you have recipes

Refined materials – if you are a crafter and not a refiner

Other players needing your output

Useful commands / items / feats
Some roles like wright in combination with the right armour get you a bonus to crafting. Wright 4 and Loose Warrior Shirt +2 not only protects you – you also gain +6 in Amoursmithing – something quite useful to speed up a long lasting item.

Most important is the quality of the facility – it goes directly into crafting time. So it is less you but where you are that is important. Especially during EE only crafting towns have all buildings that allow you to craft an item.

Your role and settlements
Your are welcome BIG time in the early stages. It is your items that are important. People will love to work with you – or should I say – love to take the finished goods off you.

But to gain in level you need recipes – so take care you have a settlement which provides you with them. You also need raw materials – so ensure you have gatherers in the settlement who provide you with items.

If you are a crafter then you need refined materials. Some items need 3 different ones. Making a longbow is simple – getting the refined ingredients is the issue.

a) trade with people using chat. You need to be around at the same time to hand on items.

 b) use the auction house to sell surplus. A large warning – you need to craft something useful or nobody will be interested

c) align with a settlement and ensure it supplies you with raw materials and refined goods and has the refiners you need.

You are dependent on raw materials, other players, refined goods, recipes.

In addition some items can take days to craft – my first Dwarven Banded Steel took > 3 days.

What GW could do to help this play style
Ensure that items produced drop into the local bank.

Enable trading with your alliance while you and your customer are not both online at the same time.

My personal thoughts about a monster slayer
I can’t see crafting as the only role for a player or to play it on your own. Crafting is great for a destiniy twin as it is less involved (less time that you actually do something – more time that you wait).

Crafting can also be combined with other roles. But it will slow down your progress or your items will be rather basic that you can produce.


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