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re: Emerald Lodge open for business - Status report / still taki


PFO is finally about to start. So where are we and what is the status?

On New Years Eve there will be a complete wipe and we will have to start from scratch. So what is the status of the Emerald Lodge

We have established ourselves as a trusted neutral settlement that is independent of all bigger political groups and alliances. Right now we are ruled my a benevolent dictator (yes - that's me). I'm happy to share leadership roles if you become active in this settlement.
There are some agreements with neighbours - not all public - please ask me before offending any of them.

Fighter/Wizard Settlement:
We are set up as Fighter/Wizard settlement. This means that players following this path will have an advantage as all their training is catered for.
Closest Rogue training is Hope's End and Iron Gauntlet. Clerics will need to go a little bit further. Crafting (if not possible in Emerald Lodge itself) is closest in Hammerfall.

Building up an economy / providing for our own members
Short term goals will be to provide the following items as quickly as possible to all members up to quality +2: Pot Steel Plate, Soldier's Chainmail, Loose Warrior's Shirt, Quiet Iron Shirt, Apprentice's Charged Staff, Apprentice's Charged Wand, Introductory Spellbook, Hunter's Longbow, Hunter's Shortbow, Runespun Robes, Spellwoven Robes, Steel Longsword, Steel Short Sword
More items will be produced as they become available. To do this we need a total of 12 refining/crafting roles. Some of them have already dedicated characters - but there is still a large need to fill empty slots / backup slots as well as to fill slots to produce items not on the priority list.

Our political outlook is neutral. As such we have no plans to start any wars. But we still need fighters/wizards to protect us, kill monsters for recipes - or just to enjoy PVE.

We are pretty central and have a good supply of most raw resources as well as a higher then average number of monster hexes close by.

I have a list of items we likely will have a shortage off. So trade or traveling to get these will be necessary.

I plan that several companies are formed - including at least one with a leader in the US time zone. Joining has been an issue in alpha as you had to be online the same time as me (or I might have missed you / it exspired). This hopefully should be no issue in EE - but if you have trouble joining, then drop me a message.

We do have a webpage as well as a mumble server.
They have been pretty inactive but I hope this will change

Being active inside the Emerald Lodge
Not everyone has the same time/interest - and this is perfectly fine. The Emerald Lodge should cater to different play styles.

Active players from day 1:
These will be the most important ones to get us up and running. I need to know if you have crafters and can help there or if you want to monster hund and can provide recipes or resources. I will do my upmost to have these players equipped with what they need (armor, weapons, raw materials, refined materials, recipes)

Partly active players from week 1:
You are wellcome and doing less is fine. We will try to get you equipped and get you what you need. Please understand that if there is only 1 recipe / item that you might have to wait a little longer.

Players opting to play later:
The early start isn't for everyone. So feel free to join us in a few month when the economy has been build up and the game is stable. We won't shun you if you come in late.

New members:
We are open to new players. Our core is rooted inside the Pathfinder Society (a group of GMs) and in the UK. But we have members from outside PFS and from multiple countries including the US.
All it takes is wanting to contribute and be active.

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re: Emerald Lodge open for business - Status report / still taki


I planned to be artificer on one char, i can change if someone else already is. Otherwise, for spellbook, wand and staff i would need +2 items from gemcutter, sawyer, sage, tanner, apothecary. I could get some refiners skills too, but i assume the best idea would be to concentrate on one job and try to trade with others for what we don't have.

It might be a good idea to announce some schedule/"standard time", at least until companies will have enough people themselves, to allow to sort out playtimes and do things in a group.

I won't be playing on the start tomorrow, for obvious reasons, most likely will come at 01.01.15.


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re: Emerald Lodge open for business - Status report / still taki


I would suggest 20:00 GMT meeting at the bank for exchange of raw materials, refined goods.

We might want to move discussions about details into the member area. I posted the original bit here because many people are not yet members - and I even copied it to the paizo boards. But some discussions are best internal.


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re: Re: Emerald Lodge open for business - Status report / still

I live in Europe, so hopefully i´ll get online later today. I plan on taking up a fighter spot, and i´ll start harvesting some basic materials when im out killing goblins. I think, ill log into mumble and stay there for a while.
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