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re: Emerald Lodge has appeared on the map


Your Settlement Awaits!

Full Map Now Ready

We deployed the Alpha 9 build today and it includes the full Early Enrollment map and all the Settlements won by Guilds on the Land Rush.

You can visit your Settlement now and see the starter buildings and trainers you selected.

We know that some of the structures are slightly offset from their correct placement and we'll get that fixed ASAP.  Also, Guardheim was not cleared of encounter areas before we placed the Settlement structures so if you visit it today you'll find that you are attacked by nearby monsters and those monsters can and will summon Thornguards. Don't attack a Thornguard - they never forget and never forgive! We'll get that fixed ASAP.

Also, Golgatha was placed without the correct vegetation coverage so it looks a little bleak. We'll get that fixed shortly as well.

Please do take a moment to log in this weekend, and make the trek to your Settlement.  The map is now approximately 16 kilometers by 18 kilometers so the journey might take a while. :) Let us know if you find anything unexpected when you arrive and we'll get those issues into the queue to be fixed with the next update.

If you have Settlement members who want to play the Alpha before the Stress Test begins and you don't have any invites left on your account, there's an active thread on the forums for people trading access.

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