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About Pathfinders of Avalon
Explore, Report, Cooperate - A PFS ruled settlement

A Friendly Guild aimed at furthering the aims of the Pathfinder Society by establishing a lodge that can support the exploration of the Emerald Spire

Settlement: Claim a staging ground to explore the Emerald Spire

Alignment: We are aligned to the Pathfinder Society. We explore, we report, we cooperate. No open evil acts

Sponsoring Guild: Thod's Friends

Roles wanted / needed:

Explorers and Dungeon Delvers: We want to be among the first to go into the Emerald Spire
Hunters and Monster Slayers: The proposed settlement spot has a lot of nearby monster spawning hexes - so we will have to be on constant vigil against them
Traders and craftsmen: We should get a good influx of loot from monsters - but heroes need equipment to fight
Healers and Wizards: This place will need healing and knowledge

Political positions and allies: We follow the Pathfinder Society first - alliances will be formed if they are not against our ethos and further both groups. We applaud the Rosewood Accord - but we rather follow it in actions as to have a signature being used against us

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